Animals and Society in the Time of Extinction

One or more Ph.D. scholarships are available in the Macquarie University Centre for Research on Social Inclusion (CRSI). CRSI is an interdisciplinary group of researchers undertaking social, cultural and philosophical research into contemporary social and ecological justice issues. The Animals and Society scholarship will enable new research to be directed toward relationships between humans and the animal world in this time of extinction, and thus to open issues of ethics, justice and reconciliation to include non-human participants.

The PhD topics and methodologies will match the strengths of the successful applicants; the applicants should have experience in qualitative research  methods and principles.  Applicants will be responsive to current ecological issues and will direct their research to include multi-species communities with a particular focus on endangered animals.

Applicants must demonstrate equivalent research qualifications or experience to an Australian First Class Honours degree in one or more of the following areas: human geography, anthropology, philosophy, or cultural studies, and will have demonstrated expertise in animal geographies,  environmental philosophy, cultural anthropology or other closely related subject areas.

For further information, please contact Professor Deborah Bird Rose (