Claude Jones

Monkey Brains, 2011, mixed media on canvas, 138.5 x 128.5cm

My work focuses on the creation of chimeric and anthropomorphized forms that examine our complex relationships with other animals.

My recent series of paintings and drawings depict images of animal exploitation in which, ironically, it is the animals themselves that are the protagonists. The irony of course is that animals do not do this to one another. They may prey on weaker herd animals for food, but they do not capture other animals, drug them, cage them, torture them, train them to fight, race, perform tricks or indeed slaughter them en masse.

While the subject might evoke disturbing images, I employ humour, soft colours and decorative elements that belie the sinister narrative content of the work. – in the same way that the sordid underbelly of ‘legitimate’ mistreatment and exploitation of animals is repressed and sugarcoated.

Claude Jones has studied visual arts in Australia, Canada and America and is currently a lecturer in the print making department at Sydney College of the Arts. She has had several solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Her prints, drawings and sculptures are represented in public and private collections around the world. Claude Jones is represented by Artereal gallery in Sydney and by Edwina Corlette gallery in Brisbane.