Duke Albada

Animal Accoustics

Animal Acoustics highlights the peculiarity of hearing and interpreting one and the same sound distinctively in a variety languages. It does so by presenting a collection of animal sounds as interpreted in several languages. For example the verb denoting the rooster’s call in English is cock-a-doodle-doo, the Italian’s think they cry chicchirichí, the Japanese ko-ke-kok-ko-o and the Dutch kukeleku. Whereas the pig grunts oink in English and Italian but apparently switches its sound to boo boo in Japan and knor knor in the Netherlands.

Through interdisciplinary installations and multi sensory environments I investigate the precariousness of perception, endorsing experiencing our surroundings with a curious awareness. I am interested in those peculiarities which appear to be so familiar and embedded in our daily lives that we do not take notice or see their uniqueness anymore. Since we have come to accept these understated phenomena as mundane, we overlook and ignore incidents that can be beautiful, funny, serious, interesting but also frightfully wrong. Not bound to a schedule of frequency, place or time, these events are caused by natural phenomena, build form and human behaviour or a combination thereof.

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