Eveline Kolijn

Medicating Nature, Linocut 2009, 21 x 15″/ 53.5 x 38 cm

What happens when a growing population consumes increasing amounts of medication? What happens when all exuded medicinal residue gets collected and concentrated through the sewage systems? Are we aware of this invisible pollution? Perhaps our society is over-medicating itself.

Eveline Kolijn was born in Aix-en-Provence, France, in 1962 from Dutch parents. She experienced an international childhood and has lived in France, Venezuela, Belgium, the Dutch Antilles, the Netherlands and Australia. In 1997 she immigrated with her family to Canada. She became a Canadian citizen in 2003.

She currently lives and works in Calgary, where she enjoys being involved with the local arts-community and experiencing the outdoors in the Rocky Mountains.

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