Phillips, Dr Perdita

Phillips, Dr Perdita
Phillips, Dr Perdita

Contemporary Artist and Independent Scholar

Research interests / activities:

Animals in contemporary art; interactions between human and nonhuman worlds; animals in science; critical natural histories; animal vocalisation and bioacoustics; interactions of nonhumans, humans, and places; nonrepresentational theory; ecosystemic thinking; history of science, especially field sciences such as ecology; eco-criticism and environmental ethics.

Outputs: Exhibiting artist since 1992 Grants related to animal works: 2010 Department of Culture and the Arts funding for Birdlife limited edition book (as Lethologica Press) 2009-2010 Australia Council Inter Arts Grant with SymbioticA for The Sixth Shore project at SymbioticA for the Adaptation project at Lake Clifton, Mandurah 2007-2008 Australia Council Inter Arts SymbioticA Art and Science Residency for Green, Grey or Dull Silver: art and the behavioural ecology of the Great Bowerbird, Chlamydera Nuchalis Solo Exhibitions with animal-related works: 2009 In Vetland exhibition and Art meets Veterinary Science residency School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, Murdoch University 2007 Thinking skin (a collaboration with Jane Mulcock), Animals and Society II: Considering animals, Old Woolstores, Hobart 2006 Vade mecum, exhibition and residency Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Perth 2006 fieldwork/fieldwalking, Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremantle 2004 Four tales from natural history, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth 2001 Termitaria I Caution Workers Below and Termitaria II Fragmented Islands, Ballidu Art Lodge, Ballidu Pasteur. Synecdoche., Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle 1997 Workers on Paper, Gallery 1434, University of California, Santa Barbara. Group shows with animal-related works: 2015 Bunbury Biennale 2015, Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, POD, Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremantle, 2014-2015 Horizon: Exploring the West Coast with The Clipperton Project, Fremantle Arts Centre 2014 Community Invitation Art Award, City of Joondalup, Pica Salon 2014, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Perth 2013 Novel Ecologies, Cross Arts Projects, Sydney Art in a Time of Climatological Catastrophe, China Brotsky Gallery, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, The Presidio of San Francisco 2012 Yonder, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2011 Animals, People – A Shared Environment, POP Gallery, Brisbane 2009 In Vetland: conversations in Three animal artists: Three visions, Newcastle Art Space, Newcastle 2007 The System of Nature, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, The University of Western Australia, Nedlands 2006 Chart, John Curtin Art Gallery, Curtin University. Papers, texts and presentations: 2015 Artistic Practices and Ecoaesthetics in Post-sustainable Worlds Crouch, C. Kaye, N and Crouch, J. An introduction to sustainability and aesthetics: The arts and design for the environment (55-68) Boca Raton, Florida: Brown Walker Press. 2014 Beautiful Vermin (Review). Gallery Central, Perth 8 – 29 March 2014. Artlink, 34(2), 114-115. 2013 Observing across scales: Broome Bird Observatory as a site of multiple exchanges. Animal Studies Journal 2 (1) 74-81 2012 Fieldwork with bowerbirds. Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture 20 (Spring): 98-105, 2011 birdlife (with, Nandi Chinna, Michael Farrell, Graeme Miles, and Nyanda Smith). Edited by Nyanda Smith and Perdita Phillips. Fremantle: Lethologica Press. The case of the lengthening legs: cane toads in northern Australia. In J. Bull (Ed.), Animal Movements • Moving Animals: essays on direction, velocity and agency in humanimal encounters (pp. 161-195). Uppsala: Uppsala University. 2010 Clotted Life and Brittle Waters [Electronic Version]. Landscapes, 3(2) from 2007 fieldwork/fieldwalking: art, sauntering and science in the walkingcountry. PhD Visual arts Thesis, Edith Cowan University, Perth Thinking skin project with anthropologist Jane Mulcock presented at the Animals and Society II: Considering animals, 3-6 July, Old Woolstores, Hobart, Tasmania. A friendly practice. ArtSource Newsletter, Autumn (Resilience: on Art and Environments), 9, 22-23. The trouble with sustainability. ArtSource Newsletter, Autumn (Resilience: on Art and Environments), 9, 6-8. 2005 ‘Transformation, luminance, fading, stranding and walking’ presented at Colour thro’ the looking glass, 29 September, Colour Society of Australia, Fremantle. ‘Ordinary wilderness’ presented at Be true to the Earth: Inaugural Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (Australia-New Zealand) 31 March to 1 April 2005, Monash University, Melbourne. 2004 The’ Soul of the Whiteant’ and other stories talk to public at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery as part of Primates show by Lisa Roet.
Potential areas for collaboration: contemporary art, ecology, science
Potential areas for research supervision: contemporary art