From ‘crazy cat ladies’ to ‘deranged’ animal advocates occupying a ‘lunatic fringe’ (Wolfe, 5), the spectre of the ‘crazy’ label is never too far from the ‘question of the animal’. Understanding how the ‘madness’ of our instrumentalised relationships with animals intersects with the ‘madness’ of taking animals seriously, is the major task of this Symposium. Animaladies are also a potential obstacle to connections with other progressive movements, and as such, they warrant specific attention and careful analysis.

The Flyway Print Exchange

The Flyway Print Exchange is an international environmental art project featuring 20 artists from 9 different countries, linked by the East-Asian Australasian Flyway: the route flown twice-annually by Australia’s migratory shorebirds, to and from their breeding grounds above the Arctic Circle. The collected prints seek to highlight that preserving the habitats of shorebirds is a global challenge.