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Australian Groups, Institutes, Networks

AEGIS Research Network (Arts, Ecology, Globalization and the Interpretation of Science)

Animal Welfare Science Centre

Animals Australia

Association for the Study of Literature, Environment and Culture – Australia and New Zealand (ASLEC-ANZ)

Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics

Centre for Companion Animal Health

Human-Animal Research Group

Human Rights and Animal Ethics Research Network

Human-Animal Research Network

Jane Goodall Institute Australia

Knowing Animals Reading Group, University of Melbourne

Lawyers for Animals

MAWA (Medical Advances Without Animals)

RAAT (Replace Animals in Australian Testing)

RSPCA Australia

THINKK – The Think Tank For Kangaroos

University of Melbourne Animal Protection Society

Voiceless: The Animal Protection Institute

International Groups, Institutes, Networks

Animal Behaviour Society

Animal-Human Interaction: Research and Practice

Animality Studies@CSU

Animal Studies at Michigan State University

Animals and Society Institute

British Animal Studies Network

British Sociological Association Animal/Human Studies Group

Centre for Animal Alternatives

Centre for Animal Welfare and Anthrozoology, Cambridge

Centre for the Interaction of Animals and Society

Culture and Animals Foundation

Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals/Citizens for Responsible Animal Behaviour Studies

Group for Society and Animals Studies (GSA)

H-Animal Network

The HumAnimal Group: Gender and Animals in Research

Institute for Critical Animal Studies

Institute for Critical Zoologists

International Society for Anthrozoology

L’Homme et l’Animal, Société de Recherche Interdisciplinaire

London Animal Studies Reading Group

Alasdair Cochrane ( or Krithika Srinivasan (

Minding Animals

New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies

Nordic Animal Studies Network

Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

Society for Companion Animal Studies


Discussion Groups

AASG Discussion Group

H-Animal Discussion Group

Human-Animal Studies Discussion Group




One of a number of pages on, an online activism platform for social change that raises awareness about important causes and connects people to opportunities for powerful action. has a team of hundreds of journalists and organizers that span the globe, and empower millions of people to make a difference.

Cats Anonymous

Cats Anonymous, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to better the lives and reduce the number of stray and feral cats in Northeastern Wisconsin. The website contains volunteer information, resources page, products, and the story of the initiative.

The Dolphin Embassy

The Dolphin Embassy is dedicated to enabling improved contact between humans and cetaceans.

Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife

The Foundation invests in Australia’s public estate, unique species and cultural heritage – for all to enjoy. See website for Achievements, Funding Opportunities, current Fundraising drives and Research Projects.

IASJ – A Think Tank for Animals and Social Justice

The IASJ’s current focus is the development of long-term research and policy advocacy programmes around three core priority areas: animals’ legal/political status, institutional representation for animals and policy strategies for animal protection. The website includes reports, research, articles and projects pages.

International Fund for Animal Welfare

IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare) saves animals in need all around the world. It has projects in more than 40 countries, rescuing individual animals, campaigning to prevent animal cruelty and advocating for the protection of wildlife and habitats.

International Primate Protection League

IPPL is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the world’s remaining primates, great and small. Their goal is to keep these uniquely threatened animals safe from human cruelty, negligence, and exploitation, envisioning a world where all primates can thrive in their native habitats.

North American Vegetarian Society

The North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) aims to support vegetarians and inform the public about vegetarianism’s benefits. They provide a quarterly magazine, develop and distribute other publications, host conferences, advise the media and assist individuals.

Project Coyote

The aim of Project Coyote is to promote educated coexistence between people and coyotes and to advocate on behalf of America’s native Song Dog. The Project creates innovative solutions that foster peaceful coexistence between people and coyotes.

University of Wollongong Animal Rights Group

Wildlife Protection Association

The members of the Wildlife Protection Association of Australia Inc (WPAA) are dedicated and committed to the conservation and protection of native wildlife. They actively engage government and industry and campaign to protect wildlife. They promote positive community attitudes through education, communication and advocacy .

Working for Animals

Working for Animals Inc is a not-for-profit association that raises funds and provides support for two animal shelters in India, and assists other animal protection projects in India.

World Parrot Trust

The World Parrot Trust works with parrot enthusiasts, researchers, local communities and government leaders to encourage effective solutions that protect parrots.


Animal Blawg

This blog focuses on animal law, ethics and policy and provides a forum for community and collegiality as well as debate and the exchange of ideas.

Antennae Blog

Antennae Journal is pleased to introduce AntennaeBlog, a place for discussion on the subject of Nature in Visual Culture. The blog will function as a gathering point where threads will develop in challenging and original exchanges.

ASI Blogs

The ASI has two new blogs for scholars looking for resources to help with teaching: HASImages and HASCinema Both feature topical images and videos that can be used in classroom teaching, and feature commentary on both. We’re also looking for folks to contribute to the blogs – if you’re interested, email Margo De Mello: marg[at]

Centre for Animals and Social Justice

The Random Animal

This blog features book reviews on human/animal issues. It reviews fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that reflects on the human/animal connection. Between reviews it follows items involving pets and wildlife.

The Solution

This is a blog about veganism, vegetarianism, animals, and the law that will be useful both to veteran vegans who know little about the law and seasoned lawyers who have never considered veganism.

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