Lunney, Dr Dan

Lunney, Dr Dan

Senior Principal Research Scientist

Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW
Research interests / activities:

Ecology; conservation biology; mammals; forests; threatened species; ecological history.

Co-editor of Australian Zoologist.

Outputs: Santika, T., Mcalpine, C., Lunney, D., Wilson, K., Rhodes, J. (2015). Assessing spatio-temporal priorities for species’ recovery in broad-scale dynamic landscapes. Journal of Applied Ecology: ecology with management relevance, 52(4), 832-840. McAlpine, C., Lunney, D., Melzer, A., Menkhorst, P., Phillips, S., Phalen, D., Ellis, W., Foley, W., Baxter, G., de Villiers, D., et al (2015). Conserving koalas: A review of the contrasting regional trends, outlooks and policy challenges. Biological Conservation, 192, 226-236. Predavec, M., Lunney, D., Shannon, I., Scotts, D., Turbill, J., Faulkner, B. (2015). Mapping the likelihood of koalas across New South Wales for use in Private Native Forestry: Developing a simple, species distribution model that deals with opportunistic data. Australian Mammalogy, 37(2), 182-193.