An expanding network…

Since our website launch in November 2010 a number of people representing a variety of organizations working with or for animals have been in touch via the ‘Join Us’ facility.    New contacts’ details are added to the ‘Participants’ page regularly, but here are some of their organizations and websites:

Bureau of Animal Welfare, Department of Primary Industries
Kangaroo Island Dolphin Watch
Lawyers for Animals
Primates For Primates/Wild Cats Plus
RSPCA Queensland
The Wilderness Society

There are also a number of wonderful artist blogs and websites that are well worth a look:

Vanessa Barbay
Catherine Clover
Barbara Dover
Alejandra Mancilla
Perdita Phillips

If you are writing about animals we would love to hear from you! See Ann Coombs’ recent article,  ‘Rethinking Animals‘ in Griffith Review: A Quarterly of Writing and Ideas.