2011 Animals and Society Course Awards

Call for Nominations for the Humane Society of the United States Animals and Society Institute 2011 Animals and Society Course Awards

The HSUS and the Animals and Society Institute invite applications from college and university faculty members for the twelfth annual Animals and Society Course Awards. The awards recognize excellence in courses concerning the human-animal bond, human obligations toward animals, the status of animals, and related topics.Past recipients have included scholars working in academic fields including animal science, animal-assisted therapy, anthropology, archeology, art, biology, communications, culture studies, education, environmental studies, ethology, history, law, literature, medicine, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, sociology and veterinary medicine.

Judges use criteria such as depth and rigor within the topic, impact on the field of human-animal studies, and originality of approach. Competitive entries for the awards would be courses that bring the study of animals and society into new arenas; approach the field from a novel perspective, or make use of novel teaching methods; provide exposure to students who would not otherwise address academic issues relating to animals and society; or are tailored to participants whose learning experience will have a direct impact upon animals and/or animal protection.

Two Animals and Society Awards will be presented for courses at either the undergraduate or graduate level, at colleges and universities worldwide. The first award is for an established course currently being taught.The second award is for a new course (including one offered once previously or scheduled to be offered).

Each award carries a prize of $1,500.

Nominees who offer more than one course may submit multiple applications. The prize money will be given to the institutional department in which the winning course is taught.

Nominations must include:

* a cover letter from the faculty member
* a course outline or syllabus with substantial detail and
annotation that showcase the course, and relevant supplementary
* a one or two paragraph description of pedagogical strategy or
framework guiding the course
* a one paragraph description of how the prize money will be used
* student evaluations for the previous two years the course was offered
*where available a letter of recommendation from the relevant department chairperson

The deadline is October 17,2011

No special forms are necessary. Send nominations as e-mail attachments to fgaeta@hsus.org or mail hard copies of nominations to:

Animals and Society Awards
Humane Society University
The Humane Society of the United States
700 Professional Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20879