The Animals and Society Institute and Wesleyan Animal Studies runs annual summer fellowships for scholars pursuing research in Human-Animal Studies.

Beginning in the summer of 2011 and going forward, this interdisciplinary program enables 6-8 fellows to pursue research in residence at Wesleyan University at the College of the Environment. Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut is a selective private, coeducational, non-sectarian school of liberal arts and sciences known for the excellence of its academic and co-curricular programs. Wesleyan’s College of the Environment was created in 2009 with a belief in the resilience of the human spirit and a desire to engage students and scholars in discussions about environmental issues and their social and political impact.

The fellowship is designed to support recipients’ individual research through mentorship, guest lectures, and scholarly exchange among fellows and opportunities to contribute to the intellectual life of the host institution. All fellows must be in continuous residence for the duration of the program.

The fellowships are open to scholars from any discipline investigating a topic related to human-animal relationships. Selected topics from previous years’ programs include:
Analyzing one County’s Attempt to go “No Kill”
Animal Ethics in Cold War Literary Culture
Animal Experimentation and Animal Welfare in Twentieth Century Anglo-American Science
Animal Research in Theory and Practice
Animals and Colonialism
Cloning Extinct Species of Mammals
Ethics and Politics in Environmental Discourse in India
Gender Relations in Cattle Ranching
Genetically Engineered Pigs
Human Animal Relationships at the Duke Lemur Center
Inter-species Identity and Alterity in a Video Game
Legal Personhood, Animal Advocacy, and Human-Animal Relationships
Literary Representations of Dogs
Media Representations of the 2007 Pet Food Recall
Science and Policies Affecting Elephants in Captivity
The Animal Rights Movements in France and the United States
Victorian Quaker Women’s Contributions to Feminist-Animal Ethics
Xenotransplantation and Black Market Organs

See the ASI website for current application deadlines and more details.