Exploring Human – Animal Interactions

Barcelona, 7th – 10th of July, 2016

A multidisciplinary approach from behavioral and social sciences

Animals were domesticated thousands of years ago and are now present in almost every human society around the world. Nevertheless, only recently scientists have begun to analyse both positive and negative aspects of human-animal relationships.

For centuries people have recognised the value of animals for obvious economical reasons, but also as an important source of physical and emotional wellbeing. Indeed, people’s attitudes towards animals depend on a variety of factors, including socio-economical relationships with each particular species, cultural background, religious believes, as well as individual differences regarding behaviour and personality. A proper understanding of these differences requires a multidisciplinary approach, from psychology, social psychology and anthropology to psychiatry and neuroscience.

The main goal of the conference would be to provide delegates with an updated and multi-disciplinary overview of human-animal interactions. Selected topics would include but are not limited to:

– The concept of empathy in the study of human-animals interactions.
– The concept of protected values (or sacred values) in human-animal interactions.
– Understanding cultural views on animals.

We will also organise a Satellite Meeting (10th of July) on the state of the art of the abandonment of companion animals and global strategies to prevent the abandonment.

More information available here.