Call for papers – Antennae CFP: Animals and Film

Edited by Giovanni Aloi and Jonathan Burt
The centrality of animals to the history of film, and the particular powers and properties of the animal image on film require no introduction. For this issue of Antennae entirely dedicated to this subject we welcome proposals of all kinds but would be particularly interested in the following: the role of animals in contemporary and avant-garde film; the perspectives of artists/filmmakers and why they choose animal subject matter (whether centrally or peripherally); how filmmakers conceive of animals both symbolically and in relation to the technical questions they pose (and indeed the extent to which these two are interrelated); different kinds of filmmaking, whether amateur or professional, that work on the cusp between art and science, or art and politics. We would also very much welcome any contributions about or from non-Anglophone contexts, as well as comments on important and as yet untranslated texts such as Raymond Bellour’s Le Corps du Cinéma, for example. It is intended to build up from this an overview of the role of the animal film-image in recent years and to ask whether the proliferation of the literature of animals and culture in the last two decades has had an influence on animal representation in the moving image.
Academic essays = length 6000-10000 words
(Please submit a 350 words abstract in the first instance)
Artists’ portfolio = 5/6 images along with 1000 words max statement/commentary
Interviews = maximum length 8000 words
Fiction = maximum length 8000 words email submissions at
Deadline for abstracts: 1st of July 2016
Finished pieces to be submitted by 1st of February 2017