Latest Publications from our members

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Marcus Baynes-Rock, 2016. ‘The Ontogeny of Hyena Representations among the Harari People of
Ethiopia’, Africa: Journal of the International African Institute, 86 (2): 288-304.

Karina Heikkila and Gary Wilson, 2016. ‘Remembering Zander: The case against lay persons
performing equine dentistry using power tools’, International Animal-Law Newsletter.

Rowena Lennox, 2016. ‘After the war’, Southerly (War and Peace), 75 (3): 242-244.

Tania Signal, Nik Taylor, K. Prentice, M. McDade and K. J. Burke, 2016. ‘Going to the dogs: A quasiexperimental
assessment of animal assisted therapy for children who have experienced abuse’. Applied Development Science.

Dinesh Joseph Wadiwel, 2016. ‘Do Fish Resist?’ Cultural Studies Review

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Dinesh Wadiwel (2016). ‘Fish and pain: The politics of doubt’. Animal Sentience, 1(3).