Latest publications by our members

Jill Bough, 2016. ‘Our stubborn prejudice about donkeys is shifting as they protect Australia’s sheep from wild dogs’, Australian Zoologist, 38 (1): 17-25.

Thom van Dooren, 2016. ‘The Unwelcome Crows: Hospitality in the Anthropocene’, Angelaki:Journal of the Theoretical Humanities 21 (2): 193-212.

Dinesh Joseph Wadiwel, 2016. ‘Like One Who is Bringing his Own Hide to Market: Marx, Irigaray, Derrida and Animal Commodification’, Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities 21 (2): 65-82.

Gonzalo Villanueva posted a piece in The Conversation on May 25, entitled ‘Dairy farmers are being “milked dry”, but let’s remember the real cost of milk’. It received over 18,000 views and 220 comments in 24 hours, generating much debate on social media.